It’s Happening Now!

Even as I type out this email, the Iowa legislature is voting on the Health and Human Services budget (HHS) appropriation – a place where they commonly stash taxpayer funding for abortion.

This fight is going to come down to the wire!

As you’ve heard from us over the last couple of weeks, we have been mounting a grassroots effort to make sure that not a single dime of taxpayer money goes to fund abortions here in Iowa.

Of course, over the last couple of years, thanks to your activism, the legislators in Des Moines have become very crafty in how they fund abortions in our state.

It had been commonplace for the legislature to simply appropriate funding for this barbaric practice.

But since legislators were losing their elected seats because of their votes, Iowa’s Governor, Terry Branstad, had taken the unusual step of having to personally approve the funding for these abortions.

However, as seen in a state news report this week, this entire scheme was a ploy to avert public pressure.

That’s because the University of Iowa Hospital Network – heavily funded by taxpayer money – has been performing these abortions with YOUR tax dollars.

You see, it’s a win-win for the politicians in Des Moines.

They fund U of I Hospitals, and the hospitals perform the abortions, allowing the legislators to claim that no taxpayer funding is being used to pay for abortions.

The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth!

That’s because your tax dollars are going to fund the University of Iowa Hospitals!

This entire scheme is being done in hopes to confuse pro-life voters like you into thinking that the legislature is not giving your tax dollars to fund abortion.

That’s simply not true.

That’s why I need you to take action and contact the members of the Conference Committee today!

You see, today’s vote is only the first step in this process.

While today’s vote on the HHS budget may not include direct taxpayer money for abortion – the real fight will be after the conference committee meets.

This is the process where the House and Senate get together with only a handful of members to work out the “compromise” that will result in your money being used to kill babies here in Iowa for the “crime” of being inconvenient.

In fact, most members of the legislature have nothing to do with the budget once it goes to committee. They simply “follow orders.”

That’s why it‘s essential that you contact the Conference Committee members, today!

>>>  Daniel A. Huseman (R, District 3), Chair 515-281-3221

>>>  Dennis M. Cohoon (D, District 87) 515-281-3221

>>>  Dave Dawson (D, District 14) 515-281-3221

>>>  Dave Maxwell (R, District 76) 515-281-3221

>>>  Quentin Stanerson (R, District 95) 515-281-3221

Insist that the members of this Conference Committee hold the line for the unborn!

Insist that they do not appropriate a single dime of taxpayer money to abort unborn babies.

Insist that they do not simply “follow orders” but instead, do what is right for the unborn!

Insist that they not be a part of a ploy to give politicians in Des Moines political cover.

Once you’ve done that, I hope you’ll immediately take a moment to contact your representative and tell him or her the exact same thing

Tell them you’re sick and tired of excuses, games, and their playing politics with the lives of the unborn.

Please call your legislator right now at 515-281-3221.

When you’re done, please take a moment to forward this email to all of your friends and family and encourage them to get involved in this fight immediately!


Cindy K. Anders
Executive Director

P.S. As I type this, the Iowa House is voting on the Health and Human Services budget, commonly the place where taxpayer funding for abortion is included in our states’ budget.

Insiders report that again this year, out of fear of grassroots pro-lifers like you and me, the legislature is poised to not openly appropriate tax dollars for abortion, but rather to continue the convenient political game of giving blood money to the University of Iowa Hospitals to perform abortions.

This convenient little game allows babies to continue to die here in Iowa – paid for by your money – while allowing your legislator to tell you that they’ve never voted to appropriate tax dollars for abortion.

This insidious insider game has gone on long enough.

Please take a moment to contact the members of the Conference Committee (listed above) and demand that they stop playing politics with the lives of the unborn in our state.

Then please call your own representative and insist that he or she not vote for any budget that includes any money, directly or indirectly, for abortion, at 515-281-3221

It’s Happening Now!

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