Pro-Life Legislation Passes Sub-Committee!

If you live in central Iowa and have been watching the news over the last couple of days then you’ll know that Planned Parenthood is losing their mind over Senate File 2!

And I have to tell you, they are packing the Capitol by the hundreds, threatening this legislation — which is why I need your help — more on that below.

Senate File 2 would remove all state monies from Planned Parenthood and redirect them to facilities that offer health care to women but don’t perform abortions.

As you know, for years now Iowa taxpayers have been giving Planned Parenthood over 5 million dollars per year to carry out their bloody trade.

Now that pro-lifers spoke out and loudly upset 6 pro-aborts in the Iowa Senate last fall, the legislature can’t ignore this any longer!

Of course, it matters very little to the baby if the abortion was paid for by taxpayer funds or private funds — and Life-at-Conception legislation remains the goal for Iowa Pro-Life Action.

But stripping away millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood would be a tremendous success, if we can do it.

The subcommittee voted 2-1 to advance this legislation Tuesday, but it still has to pass the full Judiciary Committee and then the full Iowa Senate!

That’s why I need you to make your voice heard, by contacting the members of the Judiciary Committee right away and insist that they approve this legislation — with no weakening amendments.

That’s the key, no weakening amendments. Anyone can pass a “pro-life” bill if they water it down so that’s it’s hardly pro-life anymore.

We can’t let that happen!

With pro-life majorities this large, there’s no excuse for not immediately defunding Planned Parenthood and then moving on to passing Life-at-Conception legislation.

But it won’t happen unless pro-lifers from all over the state make their voices heard!

So please take a moment and contact:

>>>  Senator Brad Zaun, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Dan Dawson, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Rich Taylor, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Tony Bisignano, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Nate Boulton, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Jeff Edler, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Julian Garrett, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Kevin Kinney, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Janet Petersen,  [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Charles Schneider, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Jason Schultz, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Tom Shipley, [email protected], 515-281-3371

>>>  Senator Amy Sinclair, [email protected], 515-281-3371

Please act fast, the committee could meet on this very soon!

Once you’ve made your calls, please consider chipping in $10, $25 or even $50 to help us get the word out to as many pro-lifers as possible!

But please make your call and send your emails first, that’s most important!

For the Unborn,

Alina Waggoner
Executive Director

P.S. Senate File 2, the bill to defund Planned Parenthood and reallocate that money to other organizations that don’t kill babies, passed the Senate sub committee two days ago!

The pressure is on though, as Planned Parenthood isn’t letting go of over 5 million dollars of taxpayer money without a fight!

Please immediately call and email the members of the full Judiciary Committee using the information above, and urge them to pass this bill with no weakening amendments!

Once you’ve done that, please chip in whatever amount you can to help us mobilize as many pro-lifers as possible!

Pro-Life Legislation Passes Sub-Committee!

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